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Our in-house team is a collective of industry professionals who specialise in retouching,
photo & digital equipment rental and colour accurate CMYK proofing.
We deliver solutions that most effectively combine creativity, costs and technical expertise.

Deeptone is known for photo retouching with an analogue look and feel. We are convinced that good retouching must both look amazing as feel authentic. When it comes to post production we perfectly feel what type of treatment is required, with an understanding and respect for preserving original work.

Photo Equipment Rental

We offer photo and digital equipment rental with a large stock of cameras, lenses and computing. We always make sure all items we rent out are calibrated and in tip top condition, so you as a creative can fully focus on your work and we arrange the rest.


With a certified GMG CMYK proof you precisely show on a print how the images will look like when printed. By assessing the images on proof and to work with an ISO certified printer you exclude unnecessary risks regarding colour management.