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Certified CMYK contract proofs

Fast, flawless verification. Simply upload, select proof options and checkout!

We use a GMG Colorproof RIP to produce color certified contone proofs to the most diverse international industry standards; ISO, PSO, GRACoL, SWOP and SNAP.

We proof on GMG ProofMedia paper;
SemiMatte 250 g/m2,
Matte 140 g/m2 and
NewsProof 76 g/m2.

To guarantee quality control, a proof label and a CMYK control strip is printed and measured fully automated on every single proof. This way, information about it’s color accuracy is always available and can be verified as being 100% authentic.

When the paymentprocess is completed we will contact you for the file exchange.

We strongly recommend to use GMG ColorServer or the GMG ColorPlugin to make color profile conversions with the best possible separation results. If you do want convert your RGB files to CMYK in Photoshop set the rendering option to relative colorimetric, with the dither and black point compensation options enabled.

Let us know if you need help when converting your files.